My new Facebook public page along with a “vanity url”

Last night I set up a public page on Facebook. My friends at Facebook also helped me set up a “vanity url” so you can find this page by simply going to

I have only done a few things to this public page so far. I added a photo and it also grabs my tumblr posts.

I can’t figure out how to configure it so my tweets go there as well. But hopefully I can do set that up too.

I also took the leap and took Fred’s lead and dropped about 400 “friends” on Facebook. Now private is private and public is public. I know there are a bunch of settings, privacy filters, and various knobs I can turn. But I couldn’t figure it out (i realize there are hundreds of millions of people that have figured this out so that doesn’t say much for me!)

So how do I feel about this?

I don’t know yet. But I like having a private place and a public place. I really hope Facebook gets rid of the label “fan”. It’s not accurate and it feels all wrong. And it will no doubt limit the number of folks that may want/consider following me on Facebook.

I’m not a big FriendFeed user but Facebook public pages feel a lot like FriendFeed to me. My flickr photos will end up there and and probably a lot more of my feeds.

I never got much attention to my FriendFeed profile and I suppose it’s because I didn’t invest any time there. It will be interesting to see how my Facebook public page evolves.

Next up: I’m going to add concerts & conferences that I’m attending.

Other ideas & suggestions are more than welcome.

Because Boxee represents a potential future for television that looks a lot like the Internet’s present. Because it offers the potential for a television with an app store and unlimited content from unlimited creators, decoupled from the machinations and limitations of the MSO. Because it’ll make your 42” HDTV plasma into more than just an idiot box.

Boxee on a roll

Our portfolio company Boxee keeps building and shipping great new updates.

For those of you that may not be familiar, Boxee is a free media center application that runs on Macs, AppleTV, Linux and Windows (closed alpha for windows users at this time)

In my opinion, Boxee provides the best 10-foot, TV-user interface for navigating music, video and photos from your home network and from the internet. And it’s open as well so third parties can build applications or port the application to other devices.

So with boxee running on a laptop or computer that is connected to your big screen you can sit back with a remote control and surf your photos on flickr, picassa, listen to music from or stream video from netflix, cbs and others. More content partners coming soon.

With ever increasing bandwidth and great low cost PCs, I think we are going to see more people connect up their computers to their big screen.

Last night at Webster Hall in NYC, Boxee held their first NYC meetup. I’m told that well over 800 people attended the event. Avner Ronan who is the CEO and cofounder of the company talked about the upcoming new release and showed off some exciting new updates including support for Pandora and PBS. And you can choose from over 100k radio stations thanks to the new RadioTime support.

Great job team Boxee.

And thanks to the Boxee community that is building something special here.

Papa Was A Rodeo – Bright Eyes

My friend Raj came over to my office yesterday. It was great catching up and I gave him back all of the awesome vinyl records he let me borrow.

He also gave me this incredible Bright Eyes tune which is a Magnetic Fields cover. So it’s my song of the day.

Bandwidth to the home

When I left the bay area, I had dsl in my house. That was in 2001 and I had something like 1.5mbps downstream and I think 256k upstream. When I moved to a sleepy suburb outside of Boston I couldn’t actually get DSL or cable modem. I had to sign up for ISDN. I swear.

Just 8 years later and I now have 20mbps up & down thanks to Verizon FIOS. Right now the internet bandwidth to my home is better than my home wireless network. It wasn’t always like that.

Comcast is rolling out 50mbps.

In a few years we are going to get 100-150mbps up & down.

We should alll think about what that world is going to look like. What’s going to change, what problems need to be solved. Who are the winners, the losers? Future of television? Future of mobile?

One thing is for sure.

Innovation is alive and well.

Arrogance shows up in several ways. The most easily identifiable one is Mr. Know-It-All–the venture capitalist who thinks he knows everything. He’s an easy guy to spot because everything he says is a directive about what to do. There’s never any dialogue; he says if you listen to him, everything will work out fine–yet, it rarely does.

A VC’s Biggest Flaw: Arrogance –

My friend Brad Feld always calls a spade a spade. Well done.