Think About Me – The Decemberists

Original version of this song was recorded by Fleetwood Mac. Some days I just can’t get enough of the decemberists. Today is one of those days.

This made my day

This morning I received this email from Anthony who is the founder of the Hype Machine.

 —– Original Message —–
 From: Anthony Volodkin 
 To: Fred Wilson; Bijan Sabet
 Sent: Wed Feb 27 00:07:36 2008
 Subject: Hype Machine scrobbles to!

 Fred & Bijan,

 Was thinking of you two while working on this, and it’s now available.

 When you listen to Hype Machine it can scrobble to your accounts.

 Click the tab in the preferences to set it up.

 Hope you both are well!


That’s right boys and girls. The Hype Machine now scrobbles to which means that it keeps track of your listening & music history and sends it over to

Why is that cool?

Because it ties to together my favorite music discovery (hype machine) with which provides a social network for music fans, keeps track of your listening habbits, recommendations from friends and even my own radio station.

I couldn’t be happier. And while I miss YottaMusic because it was so easy and also scrobbled to it didn’t provide the same magical discovery that Hype Machine gives me every day.

Anthony (who uses Tumblr btw) has a post on the new release and so does Fred.

Rock on. 


Robert Scoble subscribed to my FriendFeed last night so I was just thinking of FriendFeed this morning when I read on TechMeme this that they just raised a new round.

I’ve been checking out FriendFeed for awhile. Here’s my profile/feed over there

Right now, they have a good start at a number of popular web services so you can see when I add something to delicious, when I love something on or whenI update this site. The idea is to have one place to keep track of all your friends activities. 

I’m not sure my friends will get more info from my FriendFeed vs following me on Twitter or this tumblelog. Right now I have almost 400 people following me Tumblr and almost 300 on Twitter. There are about 20 people following me on FriendFeed – I wonder what that will look like 6 months from now.

One thing that is pretty cool is the FriendFeed stats page. Here’s what it looks like:

As they add more web services and more people it will be interesting to see how this changes and evolves.

Know Your Onion – Of Montreal

this will be my last Of Montreal post for awhile but I can’t help myself. If you like The Shins than you are going to like this covered track a lot. enjoy. 

Content Sync is a mess

We have about 100 gigs of music on my home server. All of the speakers in our house are connected to this server in one way or another.

My new laptop has a 160 gig drive but I have lots of other stuff on it and as a result I don’t carry my entire mp3 collection on my laptop.

So I create a “bijan macbookpro” uber playlist. Copy just the subset of the tunes from the server to the MacBook Pro I want and then from there I create a variety of playlists and smart playlist so the tunes work on my iphone. If I neglect to copy the songs I want than I end up streaming from my home server thru Simplify Media.

But my collection is growing. I mostly buy music these days from Amazon – either a physical CD or from the Amazon mp3 store. I add them to my laptop and then every week-ish I then copy those files to the home server. If I want the Sonos to pick it up right away I have to VNC into the MacMini that runs the sonos desktop app and tell the app to scan my server or wait for the nightly scan.

If I add the files directly to the server then I have to copy the files to my laptop as well.

This problem is compounded because we have multiple laptops in the house and multiple ipods.  I even get notes from my daughter about putting tunes on her ipod (she’s 8 years old). I’m the sys admin, music librarian and household DJ.

There needs to be a better way to sync my media better across all of my devices.

Apple’s “Smart Playlists” work great for one way sync from a computer to an ipod. But there is no way to sync multiple macs and have their music sync. iTunes specifically doesn’t allow this because they built the system assuming that all file sharing was illegal and protected by DRM. Well I buy my music w/o DRM so why does my player assume otherwise?

We need a smarter content synchronization system. I want to buy a song or album on one device and it should be automatically distributed to my server and my various devices.

(I remember reading a post by Dave Winer about how much syncing sucks a few months ago. He’s so right – I wish I could find that post. Update: just found it here.)