It is time for our industry to pause and take a moment to think: as technology finds its way into our daily existence in new and previously unimagined ways, we need to learn about those who are threatened by it. Empathy is not a buzzword but something to be practiced. Let’s start by not raging on our Facebook feeds but, instead, taking a trip to parts of America where five-dollar lattes and freshly pressed juices are not perks but a reminder of haves and have-nots. Otherwise, come 2020, Silicon Valley will have become an even bigger villain in the popular imagination, much like its East Coast counterpart, Wall Street.

MacBook Pro (whoa)

Last week Apple introduced a new family within the MacBook Pro lineup.

And the die hard Apple community isn’t happy. In fact, they are downright agitated

I don’t share this view. I kind of have the opposite take. 

The new MacBook is thinner, lighter, and more powerful. The new screen looks stunning. And the new Touch Bar (with Touch ID support!!) looks super cool.

I’m in. 

Ordered a 15″ this morning.