Fire Island

Another weekend, another road trip to see far away friends. We just got back from Fire Island. It was my first time there. The island is quite small and super chill. The weather was about as good as it gets.

And seeing our dear friends, even over a short time, was absolutely wonderful.

(I shot a bunch of film too but sadly I left it in a super hot car for a few hours. I’m not sure what shape they will be in but I’m sending it to the pros and hoping for the best).

Road trip

One of my favorite things about summer are the weekend road trips to see friends.

One weekend a year my roommates and our respective families get together at one of our homes. Last weekend we ended up in Connecticut.

Such a treat to see our kids grow up together.

Let’s try this again

Since I’ve gotten into the VC business I’ve often advised founders that venture funding isn’t a pre-requisite for building their company.

Sometimes venture capital is an excellent way to fund deficits during the leap of faith stage and beyond.

But there are multiple other ways to fund a company.

There are plenty of companies that have “made it” with and without venture capital.

A few years ago we seed financed a promising new startup called Svpply. We were taken with Ben Pieratt’s creative brilliance, the product and vision.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out and eBay acquired the product. That didn’t work out either post acquisition as eBay is now shutting Svpply down.

Ben isn’t happy about that so he’s creating Very Goods, as the new Svpply. And this time he’s decided to not raise money from investors and he’s not going to be the CEO. Instead he’s crowdfunding his product.

I do know Ben is highly talented and this new model may be the best fit for everyone – founders, community, early backers.

I was proud to back Ben the first time and I’m proud to support him again on Kickstarter. Here’s the link

Let’s try this again.

I’m excited as ever for Ben.

There’s a lot of shit talked about photography, but you go out, take a photo of something you like, if you enjoy that image then it’s a good photo. It’s really that simple