Jason Calacanis once asked Peter Thiel why Paypal produced so many great founders. What was it about Paypal? I loved Peter’s answer — Most people’s experiences with startups fall into one of two categories. Many work for startups that fail and learn that startups are impossible so they never try. Others work for startups like Google or Facebook and learn that startups are easy so they quit when it gets hard. Paypal was “just hard enough”. Early Paypal employees learned that startups are really hard, but it is still possible to succeed.

Body of work

I love the expression “body of work”.

Most often it is in reference to the total creative output of a photographer, writer, painter, musician or someone in a creative field.

But it needn’t be limited to those areas of work.

I like to pay attention to a person’s body of work in other passions as well. It could be parenting, coaching, athletics, investing, teaching, programming or entrepreneurship. Certainly there are additional examples and in all walks of life.

In my mind a body of work is the entire life long effort. It isn’t a greatest hits nor is it even to the very “best” achievement. It’s the entire output and energy to make things happen. It’s the heart or likely the soul through all of ups and downs in life.