Bring on Street View mashups

Santo and I were playing around with Google’s new Street View this afternoon.

It’s amazing.  

This Sunday night Lauren and I had dinner at Tartine in the west village in nyc. It was a beautiful night. The city was mellow and the food was great. And eating outside is just the best.

I didn’t bring my camera but here is a photo of Tartine from Street View.


I can’t wait to see what Street View mashups will come out first.

Local advertising is going to get really interesting.

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Without training wheels

We took off Ellie’s training wheels a couple of weekends ago but didn’t really get much practice time.

So yesterday we went out to practice. Ellie was pretty nervous and she wanted me to run next to her in the beginning. Then it just clicked and she got it. I’m glad I had my camcorder.

She was on cloud 9. We were so proud. Sophia and James were cheering for her too.

Online Videos by

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Geotagging in Flickr

Flickr has had geotagging support for awhile

it’s very cool and very easy to do

I usually forget to add geotags but I’m going to try and add it to my workflow routine

If I did geotag a photo than you will see a “Map” link like this photo.


Then you can click on the “map” link and presto. it’s a beautiful thing.

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