Star Wars video mashups. woot!

Tomorrow on Lucas is making 250 clips available for editing and mixing various clips with user generated content as well.

And users will be able to publish their mashups everywhere.

The tools have been here for awhile. In this case is using Eyespots products. There are others that are great as well. And iMovie on a Mac is super easy.

But now we have content owners understanding the value of getting this stuff into the hands of users. George Lucas, who has always been ultra conservative on protecting his IP, is jumping into the pool and no doubt others will now follow. Get your hands on a copy of the Phantom Edit if you want to see how creative users can be.

Wow, now we really need a big honking database and web service for content owners to dump their clips and make them available instead of one-offs.

Anyone want to start this?

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Great cover by Death Cab

Last night a friend of mine sent me a link to a 2005 NPR interview with Death Cab for Cutie.

Ben and the guys play a few live songs from the album Plans. Towards the end of the interview they play an acoustic cover of Matthew Sweet’s Sick of myself. I always loved that song.

NPR is still streaming the show but sadly no podcast. So, I had to use WireTap to create this (lossy) mp3 but its still awesome. Enjoy.

Sick of myself

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Wii are family

We have had Xbox and PS2 for years.

Those machines only get a workout when my nephews come over. Usually Kevin destroys me or I get a break once in awhile and take him at Madden 200x.

Then we picked up the Nintendo Wii. And it’s really so much fun. Last night the whole family played Wii sports (except for little James who is only 15 mos old). This thing is a really a riot. Watching Ellie play Wii Boxing is a hoot. Sophia was giving Lauren tennis tips. I wish I had taken some video. Next time.

Howard, Lindsay and howard’s son are hilarious in this Wallstrip show covering Nintendo and the Wii. So funny.

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My twitter addiction

I continue to be amazed by Twitter.

It’s part of my social network online and on the go. I’m addicted to updating but I’m also addicted to checking in on my friends on twitter.

I’ve tried to express why it’s valuable to me but I think Dave Winer’s post today really nails it. It’s hard to understand the true value until you join, add your friends and start using the service. Online and on your mobile phone (SMS or wap)

So, Howard, jump in the pool. The twitter water is great :)

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