I’m increasingly faced with the reality that I can’t outsource what’s most precious: time. Life moves fast and I want to enjoy the time with my children before it’s too late. There’s a weird stigma about taking a break to spend time with your family — but really, what could be more important?

Deactivated Facebook today

I am trying out an experiment.

I deactivated my Facebook account this morning. 

I have been thinking about it for awhile now.

I think Facebook is a very impressive company and we personally own some stock as a result of the Oculus acquisition.

But I want to focus my online and mobile energy on other things.

Right now it feels like my online public connections are on Twitter and this blog. 

My private connections are on various mobile messenger apps (iMessage, Snapchat, Swarm & Kik). 

Let’s see how long this experiment lasts.