Our trip to Maldives was a first for us. It is a long journey to get there.  It’s another four hours of flying beyond Dubai and then a sea plane and boat to Medhufaru.  But none of us were tired when we arrived. It was just so incredible to see the Indian ocean in person.

For the most part we relaxed on this trip. Lots of family bonding time, daily meditation, swimming, snorkeling and reading.

One day we made a short trip and visited the island of Kudafari. It’s a small fishing island with just 600 people living there. We met a few of the locals that told us about life on that island. We visited the school, hospital, mosque and the gathering spot where the elders spend each afternoon sharing life’s moments. A highlight of the trip for sure. 

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(All photographs taken with a Mamiya 7ii and Kodak Portra 400 film. Developed and processed by Richard Photo Lab in California)


I use an iMac when I’m sitting/standing in front of a desk.

My portable computer is an 11″ iPad Pro. I don’t carry a MacOS laptop anymore.

But occasionally something will come up when I’m on the go and I need do something that isn’t possible with iOS and I need MacOS.

Thankfully Screens meets this need quite nicely. I simply tap on Screens on my iPad and it connects to the Mac back home. Then I get the full Mac experience over the network on my iPad.

You do need a reasonable internet connection to make this work nicely. But I’ve used Screens successfully over LTE and also public Wifi hotspots without issue.

Highly recommend it if you want to make the move to the iPad.


Less than 72 hours. That’s all the time we had in Dubai. Not nearly enough time for our first visit to the Middle East. We were headed to Maldives for the December holiday but we wanted to break up the long flight so we took an extra day and night in the beginning and end of our vacation to rest and do a little bit of exploring in Dubai.

Dubai is a fascinating place with massive construction and build out during the last 20 years, with much if it taking place over the last 10 years or so. The enormous airport, the largest mall, the tallest building, all the hotels and offices. All new. The scale is hard to grok for a first time visitor.

Since our time was limited we could explore a few things. So we chose the spice market in the city and a trip to the desert about an hour or so outside the city. Both are bit on the touristy side of things but it still felt a million miles away from home.

The spice market was a packed with vendors with various foods and spices from the region. We brought back some saffron,pistachio nuts and local candies.

We really enjoyed the desert exploration. We rented buggies and went off roading. We road camels to dinner. The desert was so beautiful especially as golden hour approached. The colors so soft and warm.

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Richard Avedon documentary

For our long flight back home this weekend, I went looking for movies to download to my iPad.

I didn’t seen anything under new movies that caught my interest in iTunes.

I went to YouTube and found lots. If you are a premium subscriber on YouTube you can download videos to watch offline, in addition to delightful ad free experience.

I ended up downloading a several old documentaries including this old interview with Charlie Rose and Henri Cartier Bresson. HCB was a genius and easily my favorite photographer ever but it was hard to watch Charlie Rose honestly.

This Richard Avedon documentary was wonderful. Highly recommend it.