Analog & digital journaling

I’ve never been someone who writes in a journal

But earlier this year, my therapist suggested I keep a journal and so I’ve been doing just that.

I started keeping everything in a field notes book but I felt too vulnerable — like I would lose it or someone would find it and read all about my innermost thoughts.

I still write in my paper based notebook every day but for notes during various meetings, scribbling down to do lists and jotting down ideas while they are still fresh.

But for daily journaling and keeping a diary of sorts, I switched to Day One. It’s super clean makes it super easy to write down thoughts during the day. It also makes sense of your unorganized and often overlooked mobile photographs. And it’s all secure with end to end encryption. Best of all (I think) the company behind Day One was recently acquired by Automatic.

And if there is one company I trust with this sort of product, it’s got to be Automatic.