Wanting more after the concert

Whenever I see a great concert I have the show in my head and heart for days later if not weeks & months or more.

I talk about it with friends, I blog about it and I listen to songs from that particular artist around the clock it seems.

It happens all the time.

For example after the Ben Kweller show on Tuesday, I’ve done the same thing. Blogged about it after the show, checked out photos on Flickr that others took from that show, looked up other Twitter updates and I’ve been listening to “Changing Horses” non stop. I tried to find videos of the show on YouTube but didn’t find anything yet.

And then Live Nation sent me this email after the show.

The link didn’t actually work but it made me think that someone should figure out a way to bring fans together after the show and share all of this stuff. I’d also include set lists (with links to the actual songs w/imeem or something), videos from fans, photos from flickr, tweets and blog posts etc.

Maybe something like this already exists?

If so I’d love to use it.

Because I’m still walking above the clouds after that last BK show and I’m sure others are too.


Lenin – Arcade Fire

Another great song from the compilation “Dark Was The Night”. Love this band and this entire album. I think its easy to predict that this is going to be one of the best of 2009.

via Sweet Ave Bakeshop

We saw Ben’s son Dorian at the Somerville show. He was sitting in the same row as us along with his mom Liz Kweller for about half of the show. He was singing along with the rest of us.

Today at lunch Fred told me that Dorian came out on stage to dance for the last song and the audience naturally loved it. Found this photo online. Looked like Dorian had a great time.

Official Tumblr iPhone App (now free)

This is great news for the Tumblr community. If you have an iPhone and use Tumblr then do yourself a favor and go download Tumblr for iPhone. It’s free and it’s beautiful.


Tumblerette is now the official Tumblr iPhone App!  (and it’s free!)

Tumblerette was originally developed by the insanely talented Garrett Ross and Jeff Rock at Mobelux.  We had the pleasure of hanging out with them in New York last month.  Not only are these guys remarkable developers, they have an incredibly inspiring vision for building consumer products, and we couldn’t wait to start working with them on the next suite of Tumblr/iPhone features.

There’s a ton we have planned for mobile devices and the iPhone, and we’re obviously thrilled to be working with Jeff and Garrett :)

If you’ve already downloaded Tumblerette, you’ll need to re-download the new Tumblr app to get the updates.  This version comes with some slick new features, including the iPhone native Dashboard.  Go download it!!

The portfolio entrepreneur

I’ve been noticing a trend that might have started with folks in the entertainment biz in southern california since the beginning of time but certainly has been happening more and more since the web 1.0 downturn.

The trend is for the entrepreneur to work on multiple projects at the same time.

When I was working in Silicon Valley during the entire 90’s that was extremely rare. You didn’t see the founders of ebay, Danger, Yahoo, Netscape, WebTV, Macromedia, @Home, Excite etc run their companies and at the same time work on other separate businesses or projects.

But it’s happening more and more. We see entrepreneurs starting multiple businesses at the same time. And I could see why. They get to build a portfolio, hedge their sweat equity, and work on diverse set of interesting things.

This is a tough one for an investor to get behind. We want our very best entrepreneurs working on the company that we either have backed or want to invest in.

(I realize that many entrepreneurs will cry foul here. I mean after all, VCs get to build a portfolio so why can’t they. It may look like a double standard here but VCs aren’t running these companies. And we are focused 100% on our own company otherwise our investors wouldn’t invest in our funds.)

Ultimately in early stage investing we are backing people. I think founders that don’t want to commit 100% aren’t helping these companies reach their fullest potential. The companies don’t get enough time/focus, employees get mixed signals, end users suffer (and you know how important they are). Plus, every early stage company goes through it’s ups and downs. If not every day then every week it seems. If the founder isn’t 100% committed then it’s hard to deal with those ups & downs properly.

In the future I suspect we will see more of this. But I’m not sure it’s the best way to do things.

(clarification: to be clear the “portfolio entrepreneur” is a very different thing than the serial entrepreneur. I’m a big fan of the serial entrepreneur and I’ll take that one on in a future post).