At the end of the day, I don’t think Twitter should be in the business of figuring out how they become a business. I think they should give their users a stable service and handful of tools, then get out of their way. With a team of less than 50 employees, Twitter is in a position to create an army of millions of passionate users to do most of the commercialization work for them. And, that’s a pretty enviable platform to build a business on.


We are working on things that don’t get in our users way and at the same time help Twitter become a big company. But I appreciate your bigger point Bryce. And it’s a good one. Especially the part about “getting out of the way”.

Our job is no longer to sell folks things they want to hear. They want an experience and to identify themselves as part of a community. Ownership then becomes a way of them supporting your community through investing in that community. Fostering that in an honest, transparent and “non-gross” way takes a combination of gracefulness, creativity and not taking oneself too seriously, while still taking art and music seriously.

hypebot: Indie Label Asthmatic Kitty Shares “What Is Working?”

I love this quote. It’s from the indie label behind Sufjan Stevens & I Heart Lung.

Boxee is a browser optimized for the 10 ft experience. Much like mobile browsers on phones, Boxee renders the content it finds on the web in a way that optimizes it for the device it runs on (in Boxee’s case that is the TV). Boxee is also an RSS reader optimized for the 10 ft experience. Content owners may initially see broswers and RSS readers optimized for TV viewing as disruptive and threatening, but just like mobile browsers are the friend of content owners, so are TV browsers.

Which is to say, for magazine and online content, the Kindle is flawed mostly because the combination of screen refresh rate and overall device speed make it a real offline device. You can not credibly follow links, share content, or send a quick email— three actions that I now realize are more critical to consuming perishable (timely) content than are glossy layouts, displays that don’t tire the eyes, or even a number of product compromises that I would have previously considered dealkillers for a Kindle-like device.

Hazards of Love – The Decemberists

The Decemberists are coming to Boston in June. Hoping to grab a few tickets when they go on sale in a few hours. This is another great song from the upcoming new album recently posted to their myspace page.

Mixed feelings leaving Mexico

We are at the airport and about to leave for Boston.

We had a terrific week. The weather could not have been better. I had great quality time with Lauren and the kids. The beach was gorgeous. It was a break we all needed.

But on the 60+ minute drive from our hotel to the airport I couldn’t help but notice how dramatic the contrast is between our resort and the surrounding towns. I know there are many other places around the world that are worse off but the contrast was intense.

I pointed it out to my two older kids. We talked about and are going to continue talking about it. And we are going to work on contributing to the solution. Its gotta be more than an annual donation.