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Bright Eyes – Haile Selassie

Brand new album from Bright Eyes will drop in a few weeks. The band released this song as a free mp3 yesterday. Can you wait for the full record?

Yeah, me neither. 

I want to get rid of my phone number

Google made big news recently by allowing anyone to port their existing mobile number to Google Voice.

It’s an exciting move. I think google thru their grandcentral acquisition will provide more innovation with voice and data than any carrier will do on their own. Plus you can switch handsets at will without pain.

But the idea of phone numbers itself is really the root problem. My friend Rich Miner mentioned to me a few years back that using phone numbers is as ridiculous as giving someone your IP address.

It shouldnt be necessary. Just like if you are text chatting with me on skype, we can switch to voice call or video call with a touch.

That’s how it should work for all messaging applications and devices.

I don’t want to port my number to google voice.

I want to lose my phone number altogether.

The sooner we get there the better.