Hallway Chat, a podcast by me and Nabeel

My good friend and business partner, Nabeel and I have a little ad hoc podcast called Hallway Chat. It goes back over 5 years but we only record a few episodes a year, at best.

Yesterday we turned on the mic and recorded another episode. In 40 minutes or so we chatted about stuff we would talk about about over coffee or in the hallway on any given day. No agenda, no script. Mics on and go.

And this day we discussed investing during a pandemic (ie 2020 vs 2019), how we are working from home (technology and daily schedule), some likely controversial thoughts about remote work, AirPods woes, and a few memorable moments at Postmates.

Thanks for listening and as always tweet us (@bijan and @nabeel) with comments/questions/suggestions.

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Disconnecting from the news is often healthy, what you do next is the thing that matters

“I’m just going to disconnect, I can’t follow the news anymore”

I’m hearing this with increased frequency from various folks in my life.

And I get it. The daily news coming from various parts of this country can be intensely stressful, depressing and angering. That plus our own addition to our phones can be an tough combination. 

Disconnecting for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks at a time can be enormously helpful and healthy.  A great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones or to pursue personal creative projects. Or just to relax. 

But I would also encourage you to use the time offline to reflect on what you can do to help change the situation that made you disconnect in the first place.

Does the endless corruption from this administration make you sick? Does the systemic racism and inequality in this country make you heart break? Does the lack of leadership with the Covid19 pandemic frustrate you? What are you going to do when you come reenter the community and the world. It can be big or small but be intentional about it.

It is a privilege to be able to disconnect from the daily – so use and cherish the time for all its worth.

When you come back, make it count.