The most unexpected and exciting thing about the iPhone 5S

Last Friday, along with 9 million other folks, I purchased a new iPhone. 

I bought the iPhone 5s in black. It’s sweet. The biggest appeal for me was the improved camera, higher performance processor and the M7 —Apple’s “motion co-processor”.

And after a few days I’m quite happy with my new phone. It’s all in a package that is familiar, improved and fast. Just what I wanted. 

When Apple first announced the iPhone 5s, they also announced TouchID. I thought it was a gimmick. A cheap thrill that would demo well but wouldn’t matter in the real world. 

Since Apple introduced TouchID, various wrinkles have emerged. Government officials are looking into the privacy ramifications. And engineers have figured out how to hack it. 

But it still feels like a game changer to me and I believe Apple will address the wrinkles. I have it turned on and I use it to access to my phone and the App Store. It works every time. Doesn’t matter if it’s my left thumb or right thumb (you can connect to other fingers but thats how i set mine up). I also set up my phone so it works with my son’s thumbs as he uses my phone to play games from time to time. 

For me, it’s fast and accurate. It sure beats punching in a code or not having security. I really hope that Apple makes this available to developers to incorporate in their mobile web and native apps. 

I didn’t care about TouchID when I picked up my new phone and now it’s the thing that has me most excited. 

All of a sudden there was a World out there I have never noticed, shapes I overlooked, a powerful Universe I never took time to explore and understand. I realized I am just beginning to see. Once I bought my first camera, I could not put it down.