I would like to propose another approach that I call “trickle up economics” in which we lower the tax and other burdens on the lower and middle class, we invest in educating their children (and them), we make sure they have the skills to get good jobs in the economy of the future, and we make sure they have access to things like good transportation, safe neighborhoods, healthy food, quality health care services, etc that are required for them to be fully functioning citizens in our society.

Fred Wilson, Trickle Up Economics

16 and driving

My 16 year old daughter has been driving us around more and more these days. Sometimes it is honestly terrifying.

But other times it feels like a dream. She’s growing up and I’m so proud of her.


Last week I attended NYCWLK 1.0. A small, friendly gathering of photographers from all over the world came to New York City to participate.

The day started with a wonderful film workshop. It was a fascinating discussion ranging from technical matters, such as metering and the importance of using a pro lab, Johnny also covered artistic areas such as developing your own style. The workshop was inviting and interactive — with great examples and a rich set of questions/answers.

After the workshop the group went on a photowalk from SoHo, through Little Italy, Chinatown and then over the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn. The day ended with dinner at 61 Local.

It was so much fun spending time with everyone. Many of the attendees are people I have only interacted with on Twitter but never met in person. That was a personal thrill for me. It was inspiring to be around such a great group of people with a shared passion for making photographs.

My thanks to everyone that made the time for NYCWLK. My gratitude to our friends at Leica Store Soho, ONA and Richard Photo Lab for sponsoring the event and supporting the community.