Eyefi Mobi

Last week I met up with a bunch of friends and photographers in NYC.

I had been following Lucio for some time so it was finally cool to meet him in person.

Lucio showed me his wifi sd card and how easy it was to beam photos from his dslr to his iPhone. Fast and simple.

That night I ordered mine on amazon.

The product is called the Eyefi Mobi and I love it.

Few things to keep in mind about this product.

-The Eyefi Mobi only supports jpeg.

If you shoot raw either configure your camera as raw+jpeg or manually convert your raw images to jpeg on your camera. My Leica M240 doesn’t allow the latter but many others allow this.

-Wifi not Bluetooth

This is probably my biggest complaint about the Eyefi. I wish it worked with Bluetooth. To connect your camera to your phone you need to goto your phones wifi setting and select the Eyefi.

It takes a few seconds to do this each time and it sounds cumbersome. In reality it’s totally workable. But Bluetooth would make it so much easier.

-There is a cloud offering with the Eyefi. I haven’t tried it so I can’t comment on that part of the product.

The iPhone camera was a gateway drug for my photography. It turned me on to different cameras that don’t have internet connectivity.

Now I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

The best fashion shooter I ever met just had one lens. It was a Hasselblad 150. The front element looked as though someone had put a cigarette out on it. She didn’t own any other lens so she never had to think about which lens she would use or how she would work. She just did her work and it was stellar. No choices, just the right choice. No confusion just vision. Amazing. But now we’re all so fearful we feel like we need to have “all of our bases covered” even when we’re just doing this for fun. That’s why it’s not as much fun.