Los Angeles, California

After leaving the desert, I drove to Los Angeles, California and had the pleasure of meeting up with Pete Halvorsen in Venice. He’s such a great guy and super talented photographer.

The next day I picked up Lauren and the kids at the airport and we spent an extended weekend on the west side of LA. These are a few photographs from Venice, Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach.

A few days alone, in the desert

Earlier this month I attended a business conference in Tucson, Arizona. The conference ended a few days before I had planned to meet up with Lauren and the kids in Los Angeles.

So when the conference ended, I rented a car and spent a few days driving and exploring the desert on my own, as I traveled west.

I spent a night in Joshua Tree park. I had never been before and I was really looking forward to making the visit. The Joshua trees were beginning to bloom. Everything was so peaceful and beautiful. I made a two hour hike in the morning and just took in the solitude.


It is often cited that if you ask 10 people why they love Twitter, you will hear 15 different reasons.

And some have decided this is the principle weakness of Twitter. They want Twitter to stand for a single thing.

To me, Twitter is the simplest, most elegant and beautiful way to connect to things I care about.

But I don’t care about just one thing so as a result, Twitter is my favorite newspaper, my favorite way to follow bands, my sportscenter highlight reel, the best real time search engine, my social network for tech & the best way to watch live video, my social network for my fellow photography friends.

I am grateful it isn’t just good for one of those things. There is nothing else like it.

Been traveling

While I have been checking my Tumblr dashboard every day, I haven’t posted anything in over a week. That my be a first for me in seven years.

I have been traveling quite a bit over the last two weeks: Tucson, Arizona; then Joshua Tree National Park; then Los Angeles and now San Francisco.

I’m heading back east this weekend. Lots more to say and lots of film to send to the lab when I’m back.


Our friend Fred Wilson joined us today for our 23rd episode of Hallway Chat.

Show notes:

-questions from Twitter, including how Fred started investing in social media, & YC’s recent move to recommend exercising options from 90 days to 10 years

-Fred’s post, The New Entertainment Bundlers 

-Chris Dixon’s, What’s Next In Computing? 

-Why haven’t we seen a new breakout consumer app

-AI/machine learning

-Steph Curry vs Michael Jordan

Thanks to everyone that tweeted us questions for the show, and thanks Fred for joining us! 

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