Heavenly Father, Bon Iver

Lauren and I went to see Bon Iver earlier this week in Boston. It was absolutely magical.

Some thoughts on the Impeachment inquiry

Yesterday was historic.

Just two American Presidents have been impeached and one resigned before impeachment. It’s a heavy and somber moment for sure.

I listened to the Daily podcast this morning and it is clear a recent Washington Post op ed by seven moderate freshman Democrats (from purple districts) was a powerful influence on the Speaker’s decision to launch an Impeachment Inquiry.

The article’s opening paragraph demonstrates this is about country not politics

Our lives have been defined by national service. We are not career politicians. We are veterans of the military and of the nation’s defense and intelligence agencies. Our service is rooted in the defense of our country on the front lines of national security.

It’s a well written piece and a highly recommend reading it.

There is a great deal of talk about how this impeachment inquiry is going to energize the Trump base. This has always been true but the press is forgetting to mention a critical issue. Namely, Democrats took over the house with a an energized blue wave of moderate and progressive voters demanding checks and balance on a rogue President.

Finally, I would like to encourage all of us not to lose interest and energy while some in the press and Republicans make a circus out of all of this. It is extremely serious and important. And we all have a role to play. Call your elected official. Educate your family members. Talk to people in your community. Use your voice and be heard. Donate and volunteer.

This is our country. It’s time to be a mother fucking patriot.

Hopeful about the future of Tumblr

Eight months ago, I made the switch to WordPress. I couldn’t bear it anymore. And honestly I was bracing myself for a possible shutdown of the service by Verizon given their lack of interest or understanding of Tumblr.

WordPress has been great. It’s a rock solid platform and I control my little part of the web over here.

But I miss the Tumblr. I miss the simplicity and elegance. I miss the ease of adding multiple photographs to a single post. Or finding great music. But mostly, I miss the community.

Last week, something very exciting happened to the world of Tumblr. The company behind WordPress acquired Tumblr.

As I wrote on Twitter the day the news broke, I am really happy about this news and hopeful about the future of Tumblr.

Perhaps I will switch back soon.

Love you Tumblr.

A new episode of Hallway Chat

Nabeel and I started our little podcast when we were both working out of the same office at Spark and would spend time in between meetings in the hallway chatting about things on our mind. We hit the record button and made our first podcast seven years ago.

Our recording schedule has been ad hoc to say the least but I’m happy we still do it from time to time. Yesterday we sat down and recorded our 31st episode of Hallway Chat. As usual we started talking and just hit the record button. Sorry about the audio quality, I didn’t have my good microphone with me. Anyway, here is the two of us talking about things on our minds lately including:

-is VC pattern recognition actually valuable
-what does the decline of the iPhone mean to Apple’s future
-the potential for single purpose electronics
-challenging the dogma of “winner takes all” markets in startups.

Hope you like it and please send us tweets (@bijan or @nabeel) with suggestions for a future episode :)

Inside Passage, Alaska

After leaving Tutka Bay, the last week of our Alaska trip was an exploration of the Inside Passage, which began in Sitka and ended in Juneau. The landscape and wildlife in southeast Alaska is magical and Glacier Bay National Park felt like a dream.

Alaska is a remote place, especially coming from the east coast of the United States. It took a long time to get there and a long time to get home. It’s challenging to get around once you make it to Alaska. But it’s so worth it and I hope to get back, again and again.

waterfall.jpgmountain clouds.jpgwhale.jpgkayak hole.jpgglacier raft.jpgice boat.jpgsun mountain.jpgwhale tail.jpghouse flowers.jpgsea lion.jpgglacier zodiak.jpgGlacier sunset.jpgglacier little raft.jpgsun plane.jpg

(Cameras: Hasselblad 503cw and Leica M3 | Film: Kodak Portra 400 | Lab: Richard Photo Lab)