Wanting more after the concert

Whenever I see a great concert I have the show in my head and heart for days later if not weeks & months or more.

I talk about it with friends, I blog about it and I listen to songs from that particular artist around the clock it seems.

It happens all the time.

For example after the Ben Kweller show on Tuesday, I’ve done the same thing. Blogged about it after the show, checked out photos on Flickr that others took from that show, looked up other Twitter updates and I’ve been listening to “Changing Horses” non stop. I tried to find videos of the show on YouTube but didn’t find anything yet.

And then Live Nation sent me this email after the show.

The link didn’t actually work but it made me think that someone should figure out a way to bring fans together after the show and share all of this stuff. I’d also include set lists (with links to the actual songs w/imeem or something), videos from fans, photos from flickr, tweets and blog posts etc.

Maybe something like this already exists?

If so I’d love to use it.

Because I’m still walking above the clouds after that last BK show and I’m sure others are too.