Official Tumblr iPhone App (now free)

This is great news for the Tumblr community. If you have an iPhone and use Tumblr then do yourself a favor and go download Tumblr for iPhone. It’s free and it’s beautiful.


Tumblerette is now the official Tumblr iPhone App!  (and it’s free!)

Tumblerette was originally developed by the insanely talented Garrett Ross and Jeff Rock at Mobelux.  We had the pleasure of hanging out with them in New York last month.  Not only are these guys remarkable developers, they have an incredibly inspiring vision for building consumer products, and we couldn’t wait to start working with them on the next suite of Tumblr/iPhone features.

There’s a ton we have planned for mobile devices and the iPhone, and we’re obviously thrilled to be working with Jeff and Garrett :)

If you’ve already downloaded Tumblerette, you’ll need to re-download the new Tumblr app to get the updates.  This version comes with some slick new features, including the iPhone native Dashboard.  Go download it!!