Why tag film photographs?

Last week this tweet by Alex Boyd hit my feed a few times by a number of photographers that I respect greatly.

Controversial photography opinion: I honestly don’t care if you shot your images on film. It doesn’t make you or the work you’ve made special unless maybe you made the film yourself. It also doesn’t make you work slower. You make you work slower.

This opinion is fair — but I think it misses the reason why those of us choose to include the name of film and/or analog camera in our photographs on social media.

For me, it’s about community and inspiration.

There is a vibrant and friendly community of film photographers on Instagram and Twitter. It’s been there for years and I am very grateful for it. It has led to real friendships around the world. I wouldn’t have made these connections if they didn’t tag their photographs.

Photographs made with film aren’t necessarily better but they can be beautiful and meaningful. I think tagging exposes the merits of film and encourages people to try it. And the more we shoot with film, the longer it will be around.

And that is a very good thing.

(ps: i love film)