Nabeel and I recorded episode 20th of our podcast, Hallway Chat yesterday. Stuff we talked about (not necessarily in this order):

-hardware startups

-Apple Watch, iPad Pro

-Are we overdue for a hot new mobile app, Peach, Snapchat

-VC blogs, why we haven’t been writing more and new years resolutions

-our tech habits while traveling on vacation

-As our firm grows, we chat a bit about internal changes and evolution

Please let us know if you have feedback, topic suggestions or questions that we should address in future shows. We would love to hear from you. Leave us your thoughts in the comments or tweet us. Thanks! 

A list of the one improvement I’d love to see in my favorite mobile apps

1. Slack. Easier way to switch teams.

2. iPhone. Play music while in Camera mode. 

3. Snapchat. Download my story at the end of each day to my camera roll. 

4. Twitter. Easy access to lists. 

5. Tumblr. Increase limit to 20 photos in a photoset. 

6. Gmail. Let me drag an email recipient from To: to the cc or bcc field when I reply. 

7. Nest. Redo the custom scheduling screens. Current ones are a disaster. 

8. Sonos. Switching music services and rooms some how became very complex. Simplify! 

9. Lightroom. Cloud sync & back up so I don’t have to do this 

10. VSCO. A native iPad version that includes same exact presets as the VSCO Pack 01 and 05. 

Anguilla, Part I

December 2015

We visited the island of Anguilla last week. It was our first visit and we had a wonderful time. The country is beautiful and the weather was as warm and lovely as the people.

(Camera: Hasselblad 503cw, Leica MP, Leica M3; Film: Kodak Portra 400 & Tri-X 400; Processed and Scanned: Richard Photo Lab)

‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’ –

I asked another friend what it’s like being the mother of a black son. “The condition of black life is one of mourning,” she said bluntly. For her, mourning lived in real time inside her and her son’s reality: At any moment she might lose her reason for living. Though the white liberal imagination likes to feel temporarily bad about black suffering, there really is no mode of empathy that can replicate the daily strain of knowing that as a black person you can be killed for simply being black: no hands in your pockets, no playing music, no sudden movements, no driving your car, no walking at night, no walking in the day, no turning onto this street, no entering this building, no standing your ground, no standing here, no standing there, no talking back, no playing with toy guns, no living while black.

‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’ –

An extraordinary work of art

My good friend Joshua Allen Harris is a true artist and a sweet soul. He has created three new books — each one is an extraordinary photo collection and together they something quite special. And they have never been shared on his Instagram feed or any other social platforms. 

I saw a number of photographs before they made it to the book and they are truly stunning. Josh has powerful way of capturing a moment and light in a way that is so unique and magical. All of the photographs were made with his Leica M6, a single 35mm lens and Kodak film. That camera in his hands truly feels like it was made for his work and his spirit. 

I would encourage you to watch the video above,  created by the talented Chris Ozer, which offers some context about the books. And you can order your own copy of the series here

That is what I’m going to do right now.