A list of the one improvement I’d love to see in my favorite mobile apps

1. Slack. Easier way to switch teams.

2. iPhone. Play music while in Camera mode. 

3. Snapchat. Download my story at the end of each day to my camera roll. 

4. Twitter. Easy access to lists. 

5. Tumblr. Increase limit to 20 photos in a photoset. 

6. Gmail. Let me drag an email recipient from To: to the cc or bcc field when I reply. 

7. Nest. Redo the custom scheduling screens. Current ones are a disaster. 

8. Sonos. Switching music services and rooms some how became very complex. Simplify! 

9. Lightroom. Cloud sync & back up so I don’t have to do this 

10. VSCO. A native iPad version that includes same exact presets as the VSCO Pack 01 and 05.