Star Wars video mashups. woot!

Tomorrow on Lucas is making 250 clips available for editing and mixing various clips with user generated content as well.

And users will be able to publish their mashups everywhere.

The tools have been here for awhile. In this case is using Eyespots products. There are others that are great as well. And iMovie on a Mac is super easy.

But now we have content owners understanding the value of getting this stuff into the hands of users. George Lucas, who has always been ultra conservative on protecting his IP, is jumping into the pool and no doubt others will now follow. Get your hands on a copy of the Phantom Edit if you want to see how creative users can be.

Wow, now we really need a big honking database and web service for content owners to dump their clips and make them available instead of one-offs.

Anyone want to start this?

(via BijanBlog)