Robert Scoble subscribed to my FriendFeed last night so I was just thinking of FriendFeed this morning when I read on TechMeme this that they just raised a new round.

I’ve been checking out FriendFeed for awhile. Here’s my profile/feed over there

Right now, they have a good start at a number of popular web services so you can see when I add something to delicious, when I love something on or whenI update this site. The idea is to have one place to keep track of all your friends activities. 

I’m not sure my friends will get more info from my FriendFeed vs following me on Twitter or this tumblelog. Right now I have almost 400 people following me Tumblr and almost 300 on Twitter. There are about 20 people following me on FriendFeed – I wonder what that will look like 6 months from now.

One thing that is pretty cool is the FriendFeed stats page. Here’s what it looks like:

As they add more web services and more people it will be interesting to see how this changes and evolves.