This made my day

This morning I received this email from Anthony who is the founder of the Hype Machine.

 —– Original Message —–
 From: Anthony Volodkin 
 To: Fred Wilson; Bijan Sabet
 Sent: Wed Feb 27 00:07:36 2008
 Subject: Hype Machine scrobbles to!

 Fred & Bijan,

 Was thinking of you two while working on this, and it’s now available.

 When you listen to Hype Machine it can scrobble to your accounts.

 Click the tab in the preferences to set it up.

 Hope you both are well!


That’s right boys and girls. The Hype Machine now scrobbles to which means that it keeps track of your listening & music history and sends it over to

Why is that cool?

Because it ties to together my favorite music discovery (hype machine) with which provides a social network for music fans, keeps track of your listening habbits, recommendations from friends and even my own radio station.

I couldn’t be happier. And while I miss YottaMusic because it was so easy and also scrobbled to it didn’t provide the same magical discovery that Hype Machine gives me every day.

Anthony (who uses Tumblr btw) has a post on the new release and so does Fred.

Rock on.