My new Facebook public page along with a “vanity url”

Last night I set up a public page on Facebook. My friends at Facebook also helped me set up a “vanity url” so you can find this page by simply going to

I have only done a few things to this public page so far. I added a photo and it also grabs my tumblr posts.

I can’t figure out how to configure it so my tweets go there as well. But hopefully I can do set that up too.

I also took the leap and took Fred’s lead and dropped about 400 “friends” on Facebook. Now private is private and public is public. I know there are a bunch of settings, privacy filters, and various knobs I can turn. But I couldn’t figure it out (i realize there are hundreds of millions of people that have figured this out so that doesn’t say much for me!)

So how do I feel about this?

I don’t know yet. But I like having a private place and a public place. I really hope Facebook gets rid of the label “fan”. It’s not accurate and it feels all wrong. And it will no doubt limit the number of folks that may want/consider following me on Facebook.

I’m not a big FriendFeed user but Facebook public pages feel a lot like FriendFeed to me. My flickr photos will end up there and and probably a lot more of my feeds.

I never got much attention to my FriendFeed profile and I suppose it’s because I didn’t invest any time there. It will be interesting to see how my Facebook public page evolves.

Next up: I’m going to add concerts & conferences that I’m attending.

Other ideas & suggestions are more than welcome.