Bandwidth to the home

When I left the bay area, I had dsl in my house. That was in 2001 and I had something like 1.5mbps downstream and I think 256k upstream. When I moved to a sleepy suburb outside of Boston I couldn’t actually get DSL or cable modem. I had to sign up for ISDN. I swear.

Just 8 years later and I now have 20mbps up & down thanks to Verizon FIOS. Right now the internet bandwidth to my home is better than my home wireless network. It wasn’t always like that.

Comcast is rolling out 50mbps.

In a few years we are going to get 100-150mbps up & down.

We should alll think about what that world is going to look like. What’s going to change, what problems need to be solved. Who are the winners, the losers? Future of television? Future of mobile?

One thing is for sure.

Innovation is alive and well.