Personal blogs used to be a whole lot more personal

I was talking to my friend Om earlier today. And the subject of blogging came up.

I was sort of lamenting about the changing nature of the blog.

My favorite blogs are the simple ones. The ones that are honest, direct and authentic. The ones that allow for self expression and vulnerability.

And yet I see so many posts that aren’t that. Instead they are designed to market, promote and sell.

I asked Om, “What happened to the online public diary. Where did our journals go?”

Then I shared my some of the specific blogs I love and the ones that turned me off.

And Om said, “the ones you don’t like aren’t blogs. They are just content marketing dressed up as blogs”.

He nailed it.

That’s exactly what was bugging me. Our blogs used to be personal. Now so many have become content marketing sites to shout, market and sell.

Recently i saw my blog on a list of VC blogs.

It really made my skin crawl. I love my work as a VC but I don’t consider this a VC blog. It’s just a personal blog about my interests and my life. And I get to share that through words, photographs and music.

And sometimes I get to connect with others through shared interests because of this blog. Like my friend Om.

And that is pretty great.

The platforms that have been the most successful are the ones that have created the best and most meaningful opportunities for participation.

Jason Goldman — The Internet, the White House, and You (and Me)

How content moves through a social network

Yesterday, this tweet of Ellie’s iPhone home screen spread a great deal. It received over 1600 2000 retweets and according to Twitter analytics it had over 180 240k impressions. It’s still being retweeted this morning. 

This photograph I took at Jackson Hole still gets reblogged on Tumblr. Now at 23k notes. 

I typically don’t get anything like close to those numbers on either network. 

Somewhere along the way they picked up steam and folks with a large number of followers must have retweeted and reblogged to get it moving. 

It would be cool if someone built a visualization product to see how content moves through a social network.