Ben Kweller – Walk On Me

Last night Lauren and I went to see Ben play on a boat sailing around the boston harbor. There was about 100 or so people and they were all die hard fans. Most everyone knew every word to every song. He opened with “Commerce, Tx” and even before he finished the set with Penny I knew this was going to be one awesome show.

Ben told me that it felt like an old basement show. Small and intimate.

It rocked.


The PretendersStop Your Sobbing (Kinks cover)

The Pretenders debut single, 1979. Strong.

On vacation and listening to great covers on my iPhone and the Tumblr App.

Thanks Andy for this track. So good.

(oh man, the latest tumblr iPhone app makes annotating a reblog a breeze.)

An outline for an early stage board meeting

We have invested in many first time founding teams that have never participated in a board meeting before.

To make them useful it’s good to be prepared and engage your board.

Here is an outline I like to use. Of course there can be versions of this depending on the stage of the company.

But for early stage, I think the following works pretty well.

  1. Overview and metrics
  2. Product update and roadmap
  3. Staffing
  4. Objectives for the year and progress against those goals
  5. Challenges/problems/issues
  6. Financial update (income statement and balance sheet)
  7. Assignments and help. Give your board members assignments and hold them accountable
  8. Feedback and open issues.

For an early stage company I’ve seen CEOs drive this agenda in 90minutes and some take 3hours. I’m less hung up on time although sending out materials in advance and keeping the meeting focused are helpful in keeping things on the quicker side.

Hope this helps.

The VC market seems to go in cycles. We see a bunch of simultaneous investments by lots of VCs into things like storage devices, virtual reality, social networks, etc. Assuming you can talk about generalizations, have you seen any interesting new trends popping up in recent pitches?

you are right and as a result seeing lots of things in payments, mobile, gaming, geo, q&a, etc etc. 

one thing not on that “typical” list that I’m digging are startups taking what’s worked well in consumer web services (ie real time, social, profiles, cloud, simple/constrained services, minimum viable product, UE obsession) and bringing that to other markets like retail, fashion, health, careers/jobs, education and finance.