The second screen

For years, many of us have imagined a world where a computer would sit in your family room and bring connectivity to your big screen, television.

I believe that is going to happen. And I’ve put my money where my mouth is with our investment in Boxee.

That computer is going to live inside of settops, blu-ray players, game consoles or connected tvs and other devices. It will have smart, social software and it’s bring the open web to our lives in new ways. All on the big screen and a remote control. 

There is another way two way streams are going to come into your family room and that’s on your mobile device – either smartphone or tablets. 

The reality is that second screen apps have actually been happening for a long time now. Twitter is a killer second screen application.

Here’s a graph that the Twitter folks posted after last super bowl.

(full size image)

The horizontal axis is time. The vertical axis is a percentage: the blue line is the percentage of tweets, relative to the total worldwide tweet volume, that were about the Super Bowl each minute, while the red line is the percentage of tweets that were about brands or commercials. 

There are other startups bringing the second screen to life including Miso, Hot Potato and Boxee is working on an iPad app as well. 

Thanks to the iPad and upcoming Android powered tablets we are going to see a lot more of these second screen applications this year.

In a world where the software and user interface on our cable and telco boxes have been closed & stuck, I’m very happy to see the second screen take off. 

Random thoughts from the airport

I’m headed to NYC this morning to particpate in a talk at Jeff Pulvers 140conf. I arrived at the airport a bit early so I decided to jot down some random thoughts

  1. On Monday night I started playing around with the Tumblr Ask feature. It’s a lot of fun and encourage you to give it a try if you are using Tumblr. I answered about 8 questions (all posted on my blog) and have another 30 or waiting for me in my Tumblr dashboard. I’ll keep it going but will likely end up doing a few a week.

  2. Speaking of Tumblr, yesterday a number of places like MediaMemo and others reported the recent round at Tumblr. I am thrilled to be an investor in the company from the start with my good friends at USV. This has been an amazing company to watch grow from david’s side project at davidville to a massive network today. Well done guys!

  3. I’m starting to see more ipads in mtgs with founders. Apple sells an ipad to VGA adapter so I’m seeing presentations on the big screen as well as demos and presentations on the ipad display itself. Much more natural than a laptop. Especially for the latter scenario.

  4. I’m still enjoying my ipad. I did bring my MacBook air to SF last week but on day trips to NYC (like today) I leave the Air at home and just take the iPhone and iPad.

  5. While the lack of background tasks is barely forgiveable on the iPhone it’s a real issue for me on ipad. Different use cases for sure.

  6. The lack of healthy food options at the airport is sad.

  7. I’m getting very excited about Chrome extensions. Google’s architecture for chrome extensions is a big deal and these extensions are now simply web apps. They are smooth to use, don’t require a browser restart and allow developers to update their apps server side. I’m looking at a number of chrome apps (ie extensions) and will likely invest in one of them soon.

  8. Lauren i are going to Paris in two weeks. Can’t wait. We’ve got a number of dinner reservations but would very much welcome any suggestions for lesser known places for breakfast or lunch or lesser known neighborhoods in Paris.

They are starting to board so I’ll sign off now. Have a great day everyone!

(please excuse the typos and lack of links. Wrote this quickly on my iPhone).