Dear newspapers: Where are the links?

Earlier this evening I read a bunch of online news from traditional newspapers.

Here’s what I read:

1. Start-ups stifled by noncompetes, Boston Globe

2. Investors Bet on Payments via Cellphone, NYT

3. Digg Brainstorming new communication tools for users, LA Times

4. iPhone Upgrades could hurt some applications, SFGate

One thing stuck out in every case and it really surprised me.

Not one of those stories linked out to an external site. Some of them had links to internal pages but nothing external.

I have noticed the NYT will include external links in their “blog” section (good example on this recent post about PayPal). Not sure i understand the difference.

Much has been written about the future of newspapers.

One thing is for sure: online news requires links.

In the end, inspiring the poignant fantasy of another life is the closest these videos come toward telling a bigger story. Like MTV in its heyday, Next New is proudly hit or miss. Viewers don’t go to it for any one video; they tune in for a sensibility, a lifestyle. The scene at Next New is techy, of course, but it’s also wholesome and nostalgic and low key and inventive and whimsical and frugal and enterprising

The Medium – Are ‘Midtails’ the Future of Television? –

Great piece about our portfolio company Next New Networks in the New York Times today.

iPhone: from frustration to fascination.

I bought the very first first iPhone when it came out a few years ago. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to give it a run.

It didn’t work for me. I couldn’t get over the lack of 3g, lack of MS Exchange support, lack of apps (no app store in those days), no copy & paste, no email search, poor battery, and an odd headphone jack connector. I wanted it to work for me. It was so frustrating.

I went back to my trusty blackberry curve.

Then the iPhone 3g came out and promised a lot. It came with an App Store, 3g speeds and MS Exchange support. My friend Nabeel and I got up early and bought that phone on opening day.

I lived with that phone for a few months but slowly found myself carrying around two devices. iPhone and Blackberry. I still couldn’t get over the frequently slow/delay keyboard bug, lack of copy & paste, lack of search, slow processor, poor camera & poor battery life.

Then i dumped the iPhone altogether and just used the Blackberry. I couldn’t take the iPhone shortcomings and carrying two phones isn’t my thing.

When a friend helped me install an early beta of iPhone OS 3.0 OS I knew that things were getting better. At last we had search & copy/paste. Yes!

On Friday, I received the iPhone 3gs. I’m still in the honeymoon phase but this thing is fantastic. Better battery, plus it’s fast. I did a web browsing speed test with my colleague Rob Go who has the previous 3g model. The 3gs blew him away.

The OS is smooth. Copy & paste and search are lighting quick. I can type really fast. The camera is excellent and I’m already having a ball with video recording.

I have had a love/hate relationship with the iPhone over the years. But I’m back and this is the phone I’ve been waiting for.