Waterford, Ireland. August 2014

On Monday we left Dublin and made it to Waterford. We stayed overnight at a small dairy farm in Waterford and woke up early to see the farm in action. Sophia was happily put to work.

After a big Irish breakfast we bumped along the back roads and took our time along a beautiful drive to Cork. I shot 4 or 5 rolls just along that drive alone.

The weather here is quite remarkable. Within 30 minutes you can find yourself in the middle of massive rain to be followed by clouds and then a bright sun. And then it happens all over again a few hours later.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland. August 2014.

We left Spain and arrived in Dublin late last night. We had time for a quick bite and then we crashed.

It’s been nearly 20 years since Lauren and I traveled to Ireland. And even back then our trip was way too short — only 4 days if I remember correctly.

This time we have more time to explore the country, catch up with old friends/family and look forward to meeting some new friends as well.

It rained much of the day today. But I don’t care, it’s great to be back. We explored the city, watched the Limerick vs Kilkenny semi-final at our friends house and finished the evening with a pint.

We leave Dublin tomorrow and will head south and west.

Comillas, Spain. August 2014.

We left wine country and drove about 3 hours north yesterday.

The north coast couldn’t be any more different than the Basque. While the former was dry and warm, the north is green with a cool evening breeze. The food is quite different as well. Both are wonderfully special in their own way.

I have taken about 4 rolls of film with my Hasselblad so far. It’s so nice to shoot mostly with film on vacation. Just find (or feel the exposure), compose your frame and make the photograph. No post processing, just a bunch of rolls waiting to be sent off to the lab. I am loving this Hasselblad more and more.

(In the meantime here are a few photographs taken with my digital Leica M)

Laguardia, Spain.

Yesterday we spent a few hours at Laguardia — a little town with so much history and character. I mostly made photographs with film so it will be several weeks before I can share them. 

But I did take a couple with my digital camera, like this one. My daughter Sophia, always dancing. 

(Leica M + 50mm Summilux)

Elciego, Spain

Elciego, Spain.

Lauren has been traveling the north cost of Spain with James and Ellie for the past week.

Yesterday Sophia and I met up with them in the Basque Country.

This is my first visit to Spain. I’m so happy to be here with my family. The people are as warm as the sunshine. The country is simply beautiful.

I spent all day in New York City yesterday. Caught the 6am shuttle and took the 1am return (11pm return was delayed 2hrs. Oy!). It was hot, humid and one of those intense summer days in Manhatten.

But it was pretty great as well. Got some work done and caught up with friends for photowalk and a beer.