Lands End, San Francisco – 2019

A few weeks ago I was back in San Francisco. My last meeting ended at 6pm and there was plenty of daylight left. I went out to my favorite spot to catch golden hour and took in the wonder of Lands End.





cliff and tree.jpg



path and hill.jpg


(All photographs made with a Hasselblad 503w and Kodak film)

Sunrise in the Sunset

Last week, Om and I met up in the outer sunset at the beach just before the sun came up. The moon, nearly full, was above the horizon and the sky was turning from black to pink. We made a few photographs as the sun came up and then headed a few blocks over to Andytown Coffee for a delicious pour over. We caught up on life, travels and thoughts about the future.

I’ve known Om for 15 years or so, maybe longer. I am pretty sure it was before we committed ourselves to venture capital investing and certainly before we both got into film photography. We were younger men then.

As I look back at the scans from last week, one thing stands out most of all. I’m grateful for this friendship.



Stewart Butterfield, San Francisco. January 2016.

Stewart cofounded two super impactful and meaningful companies, Flickr and Slack. I am a subscriber to both products and we are investors in the latter.

A few weeks ago we had our annual meeting with our investors in San Francisco . Stewart spoke at our event and was so very thoughtful about the challenges and opportunities at Slack. But what impressed me the most was just how down to earth and direct he is. Inspiring.