Nantucket in Autumn

The off season Nantucket is so quiet and peaceful. I made these photographs a few weeks ago. Jeep.jpggrass and road.jpg dog.jpgtracks and shells.jpgsunrise.jpgsunrise and stairs.jpgfarm.jpg

(All images made with a Mamiya 7ii and Kodak Portra 400 film, developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab)

Vermont, March 2016

We drove to Vermont last weekend.

There is something about Vermont. Breakfast taste better. Hiking feel soulful. The rivers and mountains are stunning. The adorable covered bridges. The air just feels different.

The little inn we stayed at didn’t have an electric car charger but a B&B down the road had electric car chargers (4 of them). The owners of the B&B told me that Tesla paid for the gear and installation and they use it quite often for Tesla & Prius (mostly). Even better, this B&B is completely powered by solar so they smiled and proudly declared that our car was given a charge from sunshine.

Did I mention I love Vermont.