Hallway Chat #18 with Nabeel Hyatt (@nabeel) and Bijan Sabet (@bijan)

Today’s show: “What does Sony’s entry to VR mean for Oculus? Plus Calendars, Secret, and Reed Hastings latest moves.”

We recorded this show Friday afternoon but finally had a chance to post it today. Please send us your feedback and suggestions on topics  you would like us to cover on our next episode!

This week Nabeel and I recorded our seventeenth episode of our podcast “Hallway Chat”. 

In this show we discussed the 30th anniversary of the Mac (and I discovered Nabeel was a PC guy), Facebook Paper, Android and TiVo.

Sadly we had an additional 20 minutes of the show that we had to nuke because of audio interference problems we discovered after recording the entire show. 

On Friday, 12/13, @nabeel and I recorded our latest edition of Hallway Chat.

Show notes:

  • Review of the new Nest Protect, Xmas drones & our surveillance state
  • Fred Wilson’s post & the future of capitalism
  • Twitter’s #1 ranking on Glassdoor & the nature of building a world class company culture
  • And a question for everyone on a company communication tools we should try

As always, thanks for listening and feedback welcome!