Soho, New York City. November 2014. 

This was quite a week. At 4am my alarm went off on Monday and I left Boston and headed to the west coast. After a few days of meetings in San Francisco, I flew to NYC for 4 meetings and then a return trip to Boston yesterday. By 11pm last night my head hit the pillow and I crashed. 

I’m wiped out and ready for some family time this weekend. 

How about you? 

Yesterday we hosted an event in San Francisco for all the founders in our portfolio. As investors we learn so much from the founders that we back every day and yesterday was an opportunity for them to help each other directly. 

I took this photograph of Bastian Lehmann at one of the breaks during the day. Bastian was checking out the latest version of Oculus called Crescent Bay which will blow your mind. (We are proud investors in Bastian’s company Postmates and were early investors in Oculus)

Thanks to all the founders that made time to participate at our collective event. We are grateful for all that you do.