Soho, New York City. November 2014. 

This was quite a week. At 4am my alarm went off on Monday and I left Boston and headed to the west coast. After a few days of meetings in San Francisco, I flew to NYC for 4 meetings and then a return trip to Boston yesterday. By 11pm last night my head hit the pillow and I crashed. 

I’m wiped out and ready for some family time this weekend. 

How about you? 

NYC with Josh

Last week I spent a few days in New York City with board meetings at Foursquare, Stack Exchange, Trello and a new company we haven’t announced just yet (coming soon). There is so much energy and creativity in the city.

It was also great to hang with my friend Josh. Josh is an amazingly talented photographer who sees light in a way that I only dream of. He’s also extremely kind. I’m grateful to know him.

I spent all day in New York City yesterday. Caught the 6am shuttle and took the 1am return (11pm return was delayed 2hrs. Oy!). It was hot, humid and one of those intense summer days in Manhatten.

But it was pretty great as well. Got some work done and caught up with friends for photowalk and a beer.

Williamsburg Bridge, New York. July 2014.

Last week I had a few meetings in the East Village. In between I took a walk and found myself near the Williamsburg Bridge. Seems like there is something special around every corner in that wonderful city.

The thing about getting a roll of film developed is it often comes back with a bunch of random scenes — a trip to NYC, a walk around Boston’s south end and James reading his comics just before bedtime.

None of these photographs were taken with ideal light. Either the harsh light of late morning or interior dim lighting. Somehow film and this lab makes it work. I don’t think they would have worked with digital.

(All photographs taken with a Mamiya 7ii and a roll of Kodak Portra 400)