The @bijan gift guide

I decided to jot down my suggested gift guide in case you were looking for ideas this holiday season.

It’s a list of things I’ve been given or picked up that I really enjoy. Some are inexpensive and some are a bit pricey. I thought I’d span the range to offer some diversity. 

Ok, here goes.

1. Bose IE2 Audio Headphones . I’ve tried too many various headphones over the years and there is no doubt that these are the best ones I’ve found. They are comfortable and they sound fantastic. 

2. The iPhone Wood Skin by Recover. I use it on my iPhone 5 and I love the way it looks and feels. 

3. Nike Run Roshe Trail. I picked these up a few weeks back. They feel great. I’m a huge fan of these. I bought the red/black ones. They are the best. 

4. Field Notes. The iPad mini goes most everywhere with me these days but the Field Notes go absolutely everywhere. Stick ‘em in your back pocket or in your bag. It doesn’t matter. They are perfect and I’m glad they haven’t changed much over the years. 

5. John Varvatos Fingerless Gloves. Living in the northeast this time of year requires gloves. But they often get in the way when you are trying to use a phone or a camera. The answer: fingerless gloves. And these are my favorite. They feel completely worn in starting from the first day and they only get better. 

6. Jack Spade Port Case Messenger Bag. When I run around the city or make day trips to New York, I leave the MacBook behind. This man bag is perfect for my needs and fits my camera, Field Notes, iPad mini, sunglasses, headphones and a few pencils and pens. 

7. GoPro HD HERO3. I have an earlier model but this update came out and it looks awesome. I hope Santa brings me one. Perfect for on the water or on the mountain. 

8. UGG Australia Men’s Butte Boots. These are serious winter boots. I own them in black and they are bulletproof in snow and freezing conditions. They also feel so good when you take off your ski boots and slide into the Ugg Butte’s. 

9. Sony DSC-RX100. Some say the compact camera is an endangered species now that we all have powerful cameras built into our mobile phones. But if you want something much more capable than a mobile phone camera and still pocketable, then give this camera a look. Here’s my review

10. And last but not least, two of our portfolio companies have some great gifts ideas this year:

-Sincerely has two products you can use this time of year. Sincerely Ink is an iOS app to help you create beautiful holiday cards. I used Sincerely Ink last year and this year as well. I did the whole thing on my iPad. I couldn’t have been easier and I love the results. The folks at Sincerely also have a  new app called Sesame. Its a mobile first app where you can give wonderful experiences to your loved ones. 

-Boxee TV. At $99, Boxee has created a second generation box that connects up to your TV and delivers the best of the internet on your big screen (youtube, netflix, mlb and more), along with all your favorite local tv channels, plus unlimited cloud based DVR in certain launch markets right now. Check it out here

* * *

It’s easy to get caught up in all these beautiful products and gifts. But don’t forget to also give to those that need it the most. With this in mind, I’ve started a campaign on Charity Water. 100% of proceeds go directly to fund clean water projects in developing nations. I want to raise $1,000 and started by contributing $200 to kick things off. Please join me if you can and make a contribution here. Even $10 would be extremely helpful. Thanks! 

(ps: I’ve included some Amazon affiliate links in this gift guide post. All proceeds from affiliate revenue will go directly to Charity Water. Thx!)