Our friend Fred Wilson joined us today for our 23rd episode of Hallway Chat.

Show notes:

-questions from Twitter, including how Fred started investing in social media, & YC’s recent move to recommend exercising options from 90 days to 10 years

-Fred’s post, The New Entertainment Bundlers 

-Chris Dixon’s, What’s Next In Computing? 

-Why haven’t we seen a new breakout consumer app

-AI/machine learning

-Steph Curry vs Michael Jordan

Thanks to everyone that tweeted us questions for the show, and thanks Fred for joining us! 

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Hallway Chat, Episode #22

Yesterday, Nabeel and I recorded another episode of our podcast.

Show notes:

-Responded to questions by Hallway Chat listeners/friends Semil and Steve Kane

-How do we work with founders “after we write the check”
-Impact of social media in politics

-Perils of optimizing for valuations
-Upfront Summit & thoughts on current state of the market
-Andy Rubin’s new AI initiative & the future of VCs

As always, thanks so much for listening and send us your questions and feedback.


Nabeel and I recorded episode 20th of our podcast, Hallway Chat yesterday. Stuff we talked about (not necessarily in this order):

-hardware startups

-Apple Watch, iPad Pro

-Are we overdue for a hot new mobile app, Peach, Snapchat

-VC blogs, why we haven’t been writing more and new years resolutions

-our tech habits while traveling on vacation

-As our firm grows, we chat a bit about internal changes and evolution

Please let us know if you have feedback, topic suggestions or questions that we should address in future shows. We would love to hear from you. Leave us your thoughts in the comments or tweet us. Thanks! 

This week Nabeel and I recorded our seventeenth episode of our podcast “Hallway Chat”. 

In this show we discussed the 30th anniversary of the Mac (and I discovered Nabeel was a PC guy), Facebook Paper, Android and TiVo.

Sadly we had an additional 20 minutes of the show that we had to nuke because of audio interference problems we discovered after recording the entire show. 

On Friday, 12/13, @nabeel and I recorded our latest edition of Hallway Chat.

Show notes:

  • Review of the new Nest Protect, Xmas drones & our surveillance state
  • Fred Wilson’s post & the future of capitalism
  • Twitter’s #1 ranking on Glassdoor & the nature of building a world class company culture
  • And a question for everyone on a company communication tools we should try

As always, thanks for listening and feedback welcome!