You never had a Dough donut?

“You never had a Dough donut?”

That was the question Cubby asked me yesterday morning as we met up for coffee before our photowalk.

After watching him order one, I ordered the same one and oh, my, god, it was amazing. I’m not a donut person but it was so damn good.

After getting high as a kite from my coffee and Dough donut, we went for a walk through Dumbo, Vinegar Hill over to Park Slope to meet up with our friend Chris.

I shot mostly film but did take a couple of digital photographs so here they are.

I hope film lasts forever

There are a variety of filters and presets on the market to help us get back that film look. Some of them are really quite amazing at turning our digital images into film like versions.

It’s particularly difficult to get a sense of digital vs film when squinting at images on our mobile devices. But on a big screen or better yet, on prints, film just feels alive.

These images won’t win any awards. They are just a bunch of photographs from a recent roll of film.

But getting back a roll and seeing them all brings back a bunch of memories from the past week — my son’s little league game when he pitched for the first time, a meal with the family, a walk by myself, a morning hike with our dog, and a cortado at the local cafe. Simple pleasures.

At the rate of digital improvement, I’m not sure how long we will have access to film and high quality photo labs.

But I do hope film lasts forever.

NYC, continued

It was grey, cold and a bit raw in New York City yesterday. But rain or shine I love that city and while I visit nearly every week, it feels different every time.

I also was happy to finally meet Cubby Graham. Cubby is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He’s an amazing photographer and does wonderful work at charity: water. Over a cortado, we exchanged stories about our lives, our loved ones and how we got here.

I’m thankful for meeting Cubby and look forward to seeing him again soon.