We need to reclaim time, to have time on our hands, time to waste, time for unplanned conversation, time for biding our time

Peter Block

Your Apple Watch becomes the most discreet way to stay connected when at fancy events, or anywhere really. My wife and I no longer need to check if the babysitter is trying to reach us — our Apple Watch will tap us if she is. There’s essentially no reason to use our iPhones, and no anxiety felt for fear of missing something “important”.

The Discreet Watch — The Brooks Review

I’m having the same experience which is really helpful. But the flip side: the sender knows I’m connected to every single text message. 

Lauren’s photographs

Many years ago my wife’s father passed. 

I remember the day it happened. We were dating & living in San Francisco at the time. We went to the movies and walked back to Lauren’s apartment. Her roommate and best friend Katie was home and said, “Lauren, you need to call your mom now”. You could tell from the look in her face there was a problem. He was just 50 years young. 

Years later we discovered he was making photographs with a Yashica Mat camera. We found someone to service it a few months back and Lauren’s been shooting with it ever since. 

Now she’s posting her photographs with this camera over here