Some thoughts about Android Tablets

Let’s get a few things out of the day. I love my iPad. I use it all the time. I look at my laptop as an endangered species these days. 

Apple sold something like 15million iPads last year alone

Recently, Android powered tablets are hitting the market. The state of the art for the Android camp seems to be the Motorola Xoom. 

The question I’m thinking about is should startups develop for the Android tablets or focus on iPads. 

You can’t ignore Android. Very quickly Android phones has begun to outsell iPhones. You can feel marketshare shifting. You see more Android phones on planes, trains and in coffee shops. 

So will the same thing happen with Android tablets. Will they outpace iPads? 

I’m not so sure.

Yesterday, one of the founders in our portfolio told me that he’s not bullish on Android tablets for one simple reason – distribution.

Unlike Android phones which are heavily subsidized and heavily promoted by wireless carriers, Android tablets will have to find their way through online and retail channels.

And those stores (ie Best Buy) just don’t compete with the Apple Store experience. 

I hadn’t thought of distribution before. I was thinking more about price and user experience. 

But as we saw with the Nexus 1 – distribution matters.

Our greatest stars were alienated. They were not the cheerleader or the captain of the football team. They were closer to suicide than being voted most popular. But there’s a little bit of alienation in all of us. And when they sing, we swoon.

Creativity – Lefsetz Letter


The Shins | So Says I

When in Boston last week, I finally had the pleasure to have lunch with Bijan (thanks again for the burgers!). I’ve mentioned before that it was Bijan who got me to try Tumblr and he was the first person I followed on here and I haven’t looked back. Tumblr has helped me create meaningful relationships with so many different people that I had the chance to finally meet in person in the US last week. 

So Bijan, since I know you love these cats, this one’s for you. 

Thanks David! It was a lot of fun to finally meet and hang out. And thanks for the song. Love this one and this band.

Meritocracy inside our social networks

There is no doubt that I enjoy following celebrities on Twitter. If you hit my twitter profile @bijan you will see that I’m following a mix of celebs in business, sports and music.

It’s awesome to hear their unfiltered thoughts and when you get an @reply from them it’s quite cool.

But this post isn’t about celebs.

It’s about meritocracy inside of our social networks.

My favorite part about being part of a community on twitter, tumblr, boxee, gdgt, stack exchange, is following and interacting with the a new type of “celeb” – those that are born on and inside those networks. There are folks that earn and create their status and reputation by their actions inside the community.

For example I’m more excited about listening to a new song that david noel (@david) shares in tumblr vs something on pitchfork or Rolling Stone. I trust david. He has earned that trust with me and plenty of others by the quality of his content, passion and spirit.

Same is true with gadgets. david pogue on the NYT is less important to me than marco’s reviews on tumblr. Marco created his trusted status with me and plenty of others inside of the network he helped build.

We have a meritocracy inside of our social networks. And I’m very grateful about that.

(please excuse typos and lack of links. Wrote this on my iPhone)