Are you philanthropically engaged in your community ?

Not nearly enough and that leads to a guilt.

We donate to causes we care about every year but I don’t spend significant time (just money). With my day job and my life as a husband and dad, I’m flat out. It’s not an excuse – it’s just a fact. I’d love to fix that but it may need to wait until the kiddies are older. 

Most people I know have problems with Internet addiction. We’re all trying to figure out our own customs for getting free of it. That’s why I don’t have an iPhone, for example; the last thing I want is for the Internet to follow me out into the world. My latest trick is taking long hikes. I used to think running was a better form of exercise than hiking because it took less time. Now the slowness of hiking seems an advantage, because the longer I spend on the trail, the longer I have to think without interruption.

Arcade Fire – City With No Children

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New Arcade Fire from their album The Suburbs, which is set to release on August 3rd.

Photo by abbyladybug 

This band puts on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve been on the edge of my seat for this new album and they aren’t letting me down.  

Even though I was taught about sunk costs in business school twenty-five years ago, I have had to learn this lesson the hard way. Most of the time that we make a follow-on investment defensively, to protect the capital we have already invested, that follow-on investment is marginal or outright bad. I have seen this again and again. And so we try really hard to look at every investment based on the return on the new money and not include the capital we have already invested in the decision.

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So true.