Hurtin You – Ben Kweller

This is my favorite song from the new upcoming album Changing Horses. A good friend of mine sent me and Fred the album yesterday and I’ve been listening to it ever since.

The ultimate remote control

I’ve been a huge fan of the Harmony Remote control line since they first came out.

It’s so simple to setup and use compared to other remote controls. 

But since I started using the iPhone Sonos app I have a new appreciation for what the ultimate remote control should look like.

I’m thinking the ultimate remote control is going to be the iPod Touch. 

Having a remote control that supports various devices on the home network and easily connects to the internet for metadata is a big step forward. 

And they can all live as connected apps on the iPod Touch. I hope we see more developers work on this opportunity.

(photo courtesy of Redjar via Flickr)

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Ben Kweller – Old Hat

Here’s a special sneak preview from Kweller’s forthcoming Changing Horses record, set for release in early February.  Enjoy.

Photo by djenvert

I saw Ben play this song live in Boston. Thanks Joe for the post.

Private Twittering

Recently more and more of my non-technical friends are checking out Twitter.

A great example is my wife Lauren

I think she is getting a kick out of reading my various tweets now. She has started twittering as well. It may get a little embarrassing but we’ll see.

One thing I hear from some non-technical people is the reaction to public tweets. “Do you mean, anyone can see my twitter updates?”

My answer of course is “yes”. That’s the best part in my mind.

But for some people that doesn’t seem natural. At least right now.

It’s not yet obvious to everyone but Twitter has always had privacy built in. You can create a Twitter profile and keep it private if you want. That means only people you approve of will see your tweets.

Many users actually have multiple Twitter profiles. One is public while the the other is private. Some workgroups within an office setting find this setting useful too.

In case you are interested, here’s how to keep your Twitter profile private.

Boxee Transparency

Since we announced our investment in Boxee there have been a steady (large) stream of user feedback, invitation requests and feature requests.

The software is still in alpha so the Boxee team posted a survey on their blog. The survey asked users what they wanted next in audio, video and photo services.

Well, 12 hours and 1,100 votes later, Avner posted the votes to date here

The results themselves are quite interesting.

But best of all, I really like that Avner felt confident enough to post the results openly. 

And he explained what’s hard to do (HBO) and what’s coming up soon (Netflix).

As a user and an investor I’m happy about the Boxee transparency. It’s a great thing for everyone.