Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol

I’ve always loved this band but I haven’t listened to them in a long time. Yesterday when I was driving up to New Hampshire “Chasing Cars” came on the radio and I was back in a Snow Patrol zone. Love this song. Enjoy.

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The Police – So Lonely

What a total jam. 

I didn’t have any inspiration for my song of the day this morning. But then I launched Tumblr Soundbox and heard this blast from the past. Love it.

Morale is tremendously important to a startup—so important that morale alone is almost enough to determine success. Startups are often described as emotional roller-coasters. One minute you’re going to take over the world, and the next you’re doomed. The problem with feeling you’re doomed is not just that it makes you unhappy, but that it makes you stop working. So the downhills of the roller-coaster are more of a self fulfilling prophecy than the uphills. If feeling you’re going to succeed makes you work harder, that probably improves your chances of succeeding, but if feeling you’re going to fail makes you stop working, that practically guarantees you’ll fail.

Let’s Dance – M.Ward

I think I could listen to M.Ward sing all day. Some die hard Bowie fans won’t like this cover but it works mighty fine for me. Acoustic and raw. Pure emotion.