Handle With Care – Jenny Lewis w/the Watson Twins

I’m not sure if I’m becoming a Jenny Lewis fan or if I’m a sucker for any tune with M.Ward. But I like this song plenty and it’s so much better than the original.

All the Umbrellas in London – Arcade Fire

This is an amazing version of the Magnetic Fields song. I’ve been really getting into the Magnetic Fields lately so I’m particularly taken with this track. Thank goodness for the Hype Machine! 

Roaming Premium

Out here on vacation there is a huge premium fee to use my mobile phone, send txt messages or use the ATM.

I can’t decide whether this premium is offensive or if it’s a miracle that this stuff even works here in the middle of nowhere.

Kindness – David Wilcox

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Lauren and will be married 13years. David Wilcox is one of favorites and whenever I hear this song I remember how lucky I am.

More iPhones than Blackberries down here

I’m seeing a lot of iPhone users on this vacation. Much more than Blackberries or any other smart phone.

Maybe it’s because the place we are staying has wifi pretty much everywhere

Or maybe it’s because Apple has done something pretty special with their first phone

These Arms – Matt Costa

When I’m on vacation I end up listening to a lot of mellow tunes. I’m hoping lauren and i can make the Matt Costa show in Boston in a few weeks.