AppleTV SDK?

I’ve been talking & writing about open source and open hardware for awhile. It is a theme that led to our investment in Bug Labs.

I was thrilled to see this post by James Levin on Techmeme this morning and just got around to reading it. His post is right on target especially when he says:

To make Apple TV a hit, Apple needs to turn it into more than a closed box – it needs to turn it into a platform. Let developers come up with the features and apps that could help the company turn it into a hit.

Apple needs to open up AppleTV and let 3rd parties develop apps & services for it.

They should even let apps exist that compete with iTunes. I want a Hype Machine app for AppleTV, integration with Twitter and lots more.

Their SDK is a huge deal on iPhone. I hope they offer an AppleTV SDK on Monday.

Fingers crossed.