Mind control

The NYT has an article about Emotiv Systems and OCZ Technology Group today. Both comapnies have developed a special headset that picks up brain activity then routes that information via an API to all sorts of applications.

Emotiv and OCZ are working on games applications first. I visited Emotiv last fall. Here’s a photo of me wearing their headset as I was getting ready to play an xbox game.

It worked really well and I could see many titles benefiting from this type of “mind control”

Since then they have further developed the system and have made the headset sleeker than the version I tried.

I also see a lot of exciting non-gaming applications. Imagine being in a car with one of these and if you are stressed out the radio could shut down. Or imagine being in front of your computer and just thinking about what application you want to use.

What do you want to do with mind control?